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Thanks a million for stopping by Latoya Elnora! I’m super excited to share with you my perspective as a creative artist and all that inspires me. Here’s a little “About” me.

2008 The birth of my styling career. I created Visual Grammar LLC, as a place where creatives could collaborate and create.

2009 I moved to London, where I found my artistic voice.

2010 Started a college side-hustle, booking styling gigs. Traveled to:

2011 Interned at Saks Fifth Avenue doing visual merchandising. Graduated from Fontbonne University.

2012 Got laid off from a job that I loved.

2013 Took a leap of faith and jumped out the window and started styling full-time.

2014 Began building the Latoya Elnora business and brand, channeling my true passion and living a more inspired life.

2015 Really coming out my shell as an artist, sharing my gifts with the world. Sharing is caring.

As I share my story, I hope you find it easier to shape your own.