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Why Argan Oil Should Be a Part of Your Daily Beauty Regimen

June 29, 2014

With all the hype lately about starting wrinkle prevention early, using hot oils in your hair in hopes of it becoming silky soft, and all of the necessary vitamins you need to be taking that will make you look beautiful and youthful, I thought I would share a product I use that does all of that—Argan Oil!


Argan oil is made from the nuts of Argan trees, which can be found in the desert region in Morocco.  Considered a dry oil because it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy residue behind, it is perfect for daily use on the skin, hair and nails! The oil is said to have restorative and age-defying effects because it is high in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, and contains phytosterols which are great for treating scar tissue and brightening dull skin. Argan oil is also great for treating dry and frizzy hair by reducing frizziness, adding shine and providing moisture to the hair follicles.  Lastly, Argan oil can be massaged into your nail beds if you feel like they are more prone to cracking and peeling and need more moisture and strength.

Learning about all of these amazing benefits that just a little dab of oil could do, I had to try it out.  So I went to Target and found some Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Serum by Spring Valley for only $6. (You’re probably wondering why Moroccan oil is in the name—that’s because Moroccan oil is a lesser pure form of Argan oil! When you purchase Moroccan Oil, it often has additional ingredients already added to it, such as silicones and Aloe Vera.  Now all of these things are great, but Moroccan oil is pretty pricey—so why not get
the same benefits at less than half the price from all-natural, organic Argan oil!)

Argan Oil

 Now I’ve been using this particular brand of Argan oil for about a month and I swear I already see a difference in the way my skin and nail beds look and feel! Every morning after washing my face, I put just a dab of Argan oil on my finger tips and massage the oil into my face and neck in replacement of my daily moisturizer.  Because Argan oil is a “dry oil,” the oil absorbs so quickly into my skin and my face does not look oily whatsoever.  It’s kinda cool seeing my face soak up this amazing beauty potion right before my eyes and seeing it work its magic.  Instantly my skin looks like its glowing and feels so refreshed.  Next, I use the remainder of the argan oil and gently massage it into my nails.  The Argan oil helps condition my cuticles and also promotes nail growth! Lastly, after showering and blow drying my hair, I will use some argan oil on the tips of my hair—helping give my hair moisture and giving my ends a clean finish.

Because I have been so pleased with the argan oil brand, I haven’t tested out any others yet.  Do you use argan oil, and if so—what brand do you use!? Share your thoughts! And go out there and get some argan oil—it’s a must!


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  • Reply Emily November 23, 2015 at 12:26 am

    I really like the brand you mentioned I’ve been using a drop in my foundation to add glow and I’ve been using it as a moisturizer at night 🙂

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