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Why Argan Oil Should Be a Part of Your Daily Beauty Regimen

June 29, 2014

With all the hype lately about starting wrinkle prevention early, using hot oils in your hair in hopes of it becoming silky soft, and all of the necessary vitamins you need to be taking that will make you look beautiful and youthful, I thought I would share a product I use that does all of that—Argan Oil!


Argan oil is made from the nuts of Argan trees, which can be found in the desert region in Morocco.  Considered a dry oil because it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy residue behind, it is perfect for daily use on the skin, hair and nails! The oil is said to have restorative and age-defying effects because it is high in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, and contains phytosterols which are great for treating scar tissue and brightening dull skin. Argan oil is also great for treating dry and frizzy hair by reducing frizziness, adding shine and providing moisture to the hair follicles.  Lastly, Argan oil can be massaged into your nail beds if you feel like they are more prone to cracking and peeling and need more moisture and strength.

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Shop The Body Shop 50% Off Makeup

May 28, 2014

20140527_catban Is it around that time for you to begin to stock up on your cosmetics? I hope so, because The Body Shop currently has 50% off all makeup, which ends today. Pricing starting at $5.00 and up from an array of foundations, bronzers, lip sticks, mascaras, and many more. Below you will find the offer details. Please note coupons cannot be combined.


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Getting A Flawless Look

November 4, 2013

When it comes to creating a flawless look for your face, its all about the makeup brush and not necessarily the brand of cosmetics.


Must Have Brushes

  1. Contour Brush
  2. Lip Brush
  3. Fan Brush
  4. Foundation Brush
  5. Powder Brush
  6. Concealer Brush
  7. Blush Brush
  8. Blending Brush
  9. Cream Shadow Brush
  10. Spoolie Brush (Great for Eyebrows)
  11. Crease Brush
  12. Powder Shader Brush
  13. Angled Eye-Liner Brush