September 9, 2015



Hey guys I wanted to share with you my Michele Story on how I went about purchasing my MICHELE watch and introduce those who have not heard of the brand MICHELE. When I started college a few years ago, I had one focus: making money to go shopping every week when payday hit. I attended school full time and to support my shopping habit, worked part time. My best friend and I always seemed to get a job working together, which was out of control because we both liked to shop. And we didn’t have a financial Fairy Godmother to tell us to save or at least buy things that would have longevity. It wasn’t until my junior year that I even began to wear a watch. At the time I didn’t see any value in a watch. I figured if I really needed to tell time I could easily check my Blackberry or the clock in the car.

It wasn’t until late 2010 that I made my first major purchase on a watch. It was the Michael Kors Runway Oversized Gold-Tone Stainless Steel watch. I loved everything about, but shortly after I realized that there too many links taken out. It became very uncomfortable to wear, and the ban began to lose its color which was not good.

Fast forward, while working for Nordstrom I learned about so many awesome brands, MICHELE being one of them.Every day I would eye the MICHELE jewelry display, and if I could get one of my clients to purchase one I knew it would be an awesome day for me. Right before I departed my employment with Nordstrom, I gifted myself with the Deco 16 Two-Tone, Diamond Dial on Two-Tone bracelet watch. I literally wear this watch like everyday.

It’s my go-to accessory and definitely a staple pece. What I like about my MICHELE watch is the versatility of it. With the interchangeable straps I’m able to try out new looks, while keeping the amazing timeless face. I can wear it just on a casual day or on a night out when attending the many charity galas in my social calendar.

What I like best about my MICHELE watch is that conversation starter! I also receive compliments on my watch. People always ask, “What kind of watch is that?!” That gives me an opportunity to educate someone else about MICHELE, as well as what I do for a living. If you have a MICHELE watch I would love for you to leave a comment below about your #michelewatchstory.

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