Perception vs. Reality

August 23, 2015


photos by LOVE JONES

I’ve been itching to write a post about perception and reality for the longest, and I finally have time to do it. In 2015, we live in a society where we are always plugged-in whether its to social media, email, text message or phone calls. We are constantly bombarded with information, and it’s up to us to filter that information. 9 out of 10 most people don’t know how to filter information, unable to decipher truth or how to digest fiction vs nonfiction. In reference to perception vs reality, far too many people are living in what is the “preceptive” lifestyle. You know, that person who posts all the wonderful things that’s going on their lives on their social media, but in reality they’re far from living the lifestyle they project. Their bashing everybody that’s got something going on for themselves and never give credit when it’s due. Including people who they so call their “friends”… Hummmmmm can we talk about it? Those same people that give sneak disses when you’re celebrating a success. They’ll give you a compliment, but in that same sentence take a shot…

I mention people living a faux life style via social media because based off my observation they are slowly becoming to have influence on people. A few weeks ago this young lady I was speaking with pulled out her cell phone and pulled up some Instafamous (people that become very popular or famous based of Instagram) girl, and stated she wanted to be just like her…. Of course I had the confused face and the follow up question of “Why?” I simply explained to her that you should want to be like yourself and no one else. I do understand there are people we follow and like who inspires us, but to want to be just like them is a little disturbing to me. It’s disturbing because one discredits themselves and actually lose themselves based off a picture and a small caption. A picture and a few characters for a caption don’t portray the daily struggles people are actually going through, and people, let’s just face it, don’t post all of their struggles or fears. In general, the posting are only the good things that’s happening in one’s life.

It’s easy to hide behind a computer or phone and paint a fictitious lifestyle, but the reality is that every picture you see doesn’t necessary mean they are living a glitz and glamorously life. My advice to you is to just be more conscious with what you say and perceive, allow yourself to filter things out.

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